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We're In Good Company

We're Alex and Sarah, the co-founders of In Good Company. We bonded originally over our love of good companies and finding new places to go - including coffee shops!

That's when the idea for In Good Company was born. There are platforms to help us find ethical, sustainable options online, but nothing focused on helping us find them out in ‘the real world’. Its haphazard and hard work and we knew we - and you! - were missing out. With In Good Company, we short-cut the searching and show you ethical, sustainable, for-good businesses around you. We're launching our full platform later this year, starting in London first. But in the meantime we wanted to share our beta Good Coffee Guide to give you a taste of what's in store and help you have some great-tasting coffee which also gives back. We'd love to hear any feedback - just email hello@ingoodcompany.org.uk We hope you enjoy it!

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Got questions?

Can I recommend a good coffee company myself?

Absolutely! We are always on the lookout for more good companies. You can send any recommendations to us here.

I'm a good coffee company! Can you add me?

That's a big yes! We have a special - and simple - form for good companies to nominate themselves to be listed. Head over here to fill it in.

How do you find and check the companies?

Its a mix between companies we know and find, and ones which are members of ethical accreditation partners we work with. We research every company listed. You can read our full criteria here.

I can't find anything in my area?

This is a beta guide and we're adding new places all the time. But if you drop us a line we'll absolutely do some extra searching for you - just get in touch here.

When is your full app launching?

Later this year! We're busy working away and can't wait to show it to you. To be the first to know when its ready, sign up to our mailing list here.

I love this. How can I support you?

Most importantly, share the guide with your friends and fam. And tag us on social media when you visit a coffee shop with #ingoodcofffeeguide. Finally, you are very welcome to buy us a coffee to say thanks at Ko-Fi.

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Fancy this list on your phone?

Say goodbye to disappointing chain-shop coffee when you're out and about in London! We'll email you a curated Google Maps list of over 100 ethical coffee spots - simply download and save, then access anytime.

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