Essential Guide to London's Good Coffee Scene

If you're a coffee lover who wants to know that you're supporting independent ethical companies who give back, then you're in the right place. We've handpicked over 100 of the best coffee shops in London leading the way in ethical caffeine for you. This is a beta guide and we're adding new places all the time.

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"This guide is a real game changer"

This guide is a real game changer! When in London, I spend far too much time searching for a good coffee shop to work in or to meet up with friends in. This guide takes away all the faff - it shows you where all the delicious, ethical coffee is and exactly how to get to it. What more could you ask for?


I spend a lot of time hunting out good coffee shops because I’m conscious of spending my money at businesses that are going above to do good things in the world. So, for me, the Good Coffee Guide is the perfect solution to this!


Loved using the platform to find good coffee and actually good businesses who care about people and the planet. Going to keep using it and start checking off my list!!


Nothing in your area?

This is a beta guide and we're adding new places all the time. But if you drop us a line we'll absolutely do some extra searching for you. Or if you know a good coffee company who's missing, then please send across!

We're In Good Company

We're Alex and Sarah, the co-founders of In Good Company. We bonded originally over our love of good companies and finding new places to go - including coffee shops!

That's when the idea for In Good Company was born. There are platforms to help us find ethical, sustainable options online, but nothing focused on helping us find them out in ‘the real world’. Its haphazard and hard work and we knew we - and you! - were missing out. With In Good Company, we short-cut the searching and show you ethical, sustainable, for-good businesses around you. We're launching our full platform later this year, starting in London first. But in the meantime we wanted to share our beta Good Coffee Guide to give you a taste of what's in store and help you have some great-tasting coffee which also gives back. We'd love to hear any feedback - just email We hope you enjoy it!

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